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screenshot_761Pricebenders continues to expand its product offerings with the new iPhone 6s and several other new auction items!


The iPhone 6s 16GB Space Gray (GSM) Unlocked

The only thing that’s changed is everything! The moment you use the iPhone 6s, you know you’ve never felt anything like it. With a single press, 3D Touch lets you do more than ever before. Live Photos bring your memories to life in a powerfully vivid way. And that’s just the beginning.

Look for the first auction for the iPhone 6s on Tuesday, November 17, beginning at 06:00 AM. And keep an eye out over the next few days on the main auction page for the other new products described below:

458966Apple TV (4th Generation)

Welcome to the new Apple TV. It’s where TV is headed.  You already use apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW and WatchESPN to watch TV on your mobile devices…and…

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New MRP payment option for ECAs!

Source: New MRP payment option for ECAs!

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PrivacyMaxx Bulletin: How Do Hackers Get My Info?

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Cartoon thiefNOTE: The PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan (available at TripleClicks) can also be a great source of extra income for SFI Affiliates. Feel free to print out the news post below to use in your discussions with your potential PrivacyMaxx customers.

The best-known abuse is theft of your credit card number. After massive breaches like Target and Home Depot, many customers experienced fraudulent charges on their accounts or received new cards from lenders.

Card numbers are obtained in many ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as a small device called a skimmer that captures the data on your magnetic strip. Restaurant staffers and retail employees can also use pocket skimmers to duplicate your card info when the card is out of your sight. Perhaps the biggest use of skimmers is at gas pumps where they grab your data as you pay at the pump.

While many consider credit card theft…

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